Touski folk #7 | Wives4Days, Lehzer, Alice

Mai 2017

Touski folk is a monthly musical event at Cafe Touski featuring local women-identified/non-binary musicians. Every second thursday of the month. Send us a message if you would like to perform!

Touski folk est un événement mensuel musical au café Touski visant à mettre en valeur des artistes femmes ou s’identifiant comme femmes ou non-binaire. Envoyez nous un message si vous voulez performer!
Contribution volontaire.

Touski Folk #7 Presents:

Wives4Days: Roommate band 5 years in the making – now we’re no longer roommates so the band finally came to fruition.
Sharing walls for so long turned us into perma-wives, although we clearly behaved more like busy husbands.
Despite different addresses, this common-law duo will forever remain in Holy Harmonized Matrimony.

Lehzer: dark-folk, sad-country, homecooked harmonies. Ft: Erika Christou & Maxime Dubé